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Guys guys guys! Guess the fuck what! I’m gonna be going to college right by Long Beach right fucking by where the gnarly David Gonzalez is! How will I concentrate when its possible one of my top 5 skaters could be out skating by me! Just thought id mention this.

dear followers!
i understand that there has been like no posting on here anymore
i apologize
my phone hasn’t been letting save or download any pictures and ive been doing all the posts on my phone because i have no computer at the moment, soon there will be more posts tho!
sorry guys!:c
- rashell

Happy Birthday Louie Lopez! You’re a man now. You are such a badass skater. So happy I got to meet you at the flip demo in orange over the summer. Skate and destroy dude!

Possessed to Skate: David Gonzalez

(Source: flip1991rad)